1st September 2019

Unfinished - Curatorial Project

Unfinished is a curatorial practice by Nell Catchpole and Jan Hendrickse.

As Unfinished, we have produced 5 day-long events and a festival:
2016 Rose Lipman Building, Haggerston
2017 Barbican Exhibition Halls
2018 The Charterhouse
2018 Iklectik and Tate Exchange
2019 Iklectik ‘Freedom of Movement Festival’ and 'Freedom of Movement' event, Tate Exchange

Unfinished curate events where professional artists, students and the public explore creative processes.  These events are context-specific, durational and eco-systemic in approach and outcome.  Often, the sense of an ‘instant collective’ emerges, developing its own momentum, where the boundaries between artist/audience, art/the everyday, creator/interpreter can shift and be remade.
The events generally comprise temporary installations, interventions, interactive works, performances,
provocations, talks and spaces for reading, thinking and conversation. We are interested in the properties of sound as a medium that cannot be contained, artistic activism, new materialism, participative creative works and unconference.

The events have included works by over 40 students and 30 professional artists and speakers.
Guest presenters have included Cathy Lane, David Toop, Claudia Molitor, Bradford Bahamas (aka Nitin Lachhani), Imogen Knight, Joseph Kohlmaier, Ansuman Bisawas, Nye Parry, Tim Steiner, Somang Lee, Steve Potter, Bennett Hogg, Bashir Saade, Eugene Skeef, Steve Beresford, Angarad Davies, Jane Cheadle

Jan Hendrickse is an artist and musician. He is currently working on a PhD in composition, and his research interests include decolonial aesthetics, situated practices and improvisation. He has recently been collaborating with a range of artists that include Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Angharad Davies and David Toop.