21st February 2018

Sound Artist as Activist? - Research at GSMD

Performance Presentation and Discussion: "Sonic Stories from East Suffolk"

Nell Catchpole (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)

"The audience is invited to a collective listening experience that explores knowledge and enquiry through different forms of sound communication. This performance will present audio documentation and interpretation of my participative, ritualised, site-sufficient sound practice in the natural environment, re-telling the stories of my trips to East Suffolk.  Through a combination of audio documentary, composition and text, I explore how traditionally neglected or marginalized forms of human experience reveal unexpected forms of engagement in the living world and their potential to unsettle and challenge habits of interpretation and understanding.

The landscapes of my childhood in East Suffolk and my remembered knowledge of its places and sound-worlds have offered a rich grounding for the development of my research practice.  My methodology is based on the interrelationship of the active, embodied artist; materials; environment; and human/non-human others.  I undertake interventions that critically situate me as ‘performer’ in different modes of inter-connectivity with the natural environment.  ‘Sounding’ organic materials in the natural environment can engender a sense of heightened awareness and inter-connectedness through the combining of repetitive movement/’sounding’ and atunening to the material and acoustic qualities of the environment."


GSMD Reflective Conservatoire Conference