14th September 2019

Movements in Soil - IKLECTIK

for SPARC @ Iklectik, London

For the SPARC Symposium, September 2019

"Land Music: Sound practices in the age of ecological crisis."


Movements in Soil


The recordings you will hear are of movements in soil from three sites:

  1. Snape Warren, Suffolk
  2. Gormire Lake, North Yorkshire Moors
  3. The stream in the woods near my house in North Yorkshire



You are invited to take one of the clay balls and then either return to your seat,

or find somewhere else to be in the room.

You are invited to – occasionally, or continuously – find ways to

allow the ball to participate in the sound piece.


As you let the ball roll, scrape, tap, or shake,

its movements might be audible only to yourself as you hold it up to your ear,

or heard by others from inside something (eg a cup),

or heard from where it moves in the room.


At some point, you may decide to keep the clay (in some shape or form)

Or, if you decide to give it back, it will be returned to where it came from.



"We must...inherit the trouble...

...nurturing, or inventing, or discovering, or somehow cobbling together ways for living and dying well with each other in the tissues of an earth whose very habitability is threatened."  Donna Harraway, 2016 p.130-2